English- Spanish translator based in Madrid, Spain. My fluency in Spanish combined with my writing skills in English make me a unique translator. I am currently in the final year of my master's degree in specialized translation from the International University of Menendez Pelayo.

My translations are meticulous, blending meaning and accuracy to the best of my ability.  At university, I'm in my second year and my average is 95%. From technology to yoga to translating the words of the Spanish Prime Minister, I have ample professional experience.

What types of translations do you offer?

I offer Spanish into English translations. As I am an experienced journalist, my specialty is translation related to journalism , marketing or communications. I am also practiced in legal, economic, medical, touristic and literary translation.

What are your rates?

My rates vary depending on the type of translation and technicality of the document. For non-literary translations I charge at least $0.10 per word.

Are you an official or sworn translator?

No, unfortunately since I'm a resident, but not a citizen of the European Union (I still retain my Canadian citizenship) I am unable to do sworn or official translations.