I can cover breaking news from Madrid or write features from anywhere else. I'm available for radio or TV interviews.


I'm an experienced copywriter. I can incorporate a fresh voice and deliver clean, concise and direct copy. I can also help you edit.


Spanish - English. Experienced in literary and journalistic translation. I can translate nearly anything- menus, press releases, contracts etc.


On-the-ground reports

What do you want to know about Spain? I've got a deep cultural knowledge and the ability to communicate and find out more. Whether you have a question about the best Spanish wines or what Podemos is up to, let me help.

My forte is in print and digital news (including interactive, online components) but I am very interested in radio and podcasts. I also have a good camera and an eye for photography.

Sharp copy

In the corporate world, presentation counts. I can offer to make your communications engaging and accurate. Whether you're a business in Spain or abroad, I will work meticulously to elevate your words in English.


Trusted translations

I can help translate nearly anything from Spanish into English, with a specialized knowledge of Spanish from Spain. While I'm open to any material, I'm especially interested in literary or non-fiction translation. Javier Marías, Spanish novelist and translator, said: "translation is the best exercise to learn how to write, much better than even reading."

Any questions?